Gas Supply, Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas - Hydroid Chemical
Gas Supply, Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas - Hydroid Chemical
Gas Supply, Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas - Hydroid Chemical
Gas Supply, Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas - Hydroid Chemical
Gas Supply, Gas Equipment, Specialty Gas - Hydroid Chemical

High-Quality Auxiliary Tank from a Reliable OEM Manufacturer in China

Introducing the revolutionary Auxiliary Tank from Shandong Hydroid Chemical Co. Ltd. Our high-quality auxiliary tanks are designed to support larger fuel tanks, providing additional storage capacity and increasing the range of your vehicle. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of automotive accessories, we take great pride in producing top-of-the-line products that meet the highest industry standards. Our auxiliary tanks are built to last, using durable materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure long-term reliability and performance. Whether you're a commercial truck driver, off-road enthusiast, or simply someone looking to maximize their vehicle's potential, our Auxiliary Tank is the perfect solution for extending your travel capabilities. Trust Shandong Hydroid Chemical Co. Ltd. for all your automotive accessory needs and experience the difference with our superior products.

LNG Mobile Refueling Station

Get convenient and reliable refueling with our LNG Mobile Refueling Station. As a factory, we ensure top-quality, on-the-go fueling solutions.

Industrial Gas Tube Skid

Get reliable and efficient Industrial Gas Tube Skid from our factory. Our high-quality products are designed to meet your industrial needs.

CNG storage cascade

Get reliable CNG storage cascade solutions from our factory. High-quality products for your industrial needs. Contact us today for more information.

LPG & Chemical Materials Semi-Trailer

Get high-quality LPG & Chemical Materials Semi-Trailers from our factory. Durable, efficient and reliable for transporting hazardous materials safely.

LO2LN2LAr Industrial Gas Storage Tank

Get reliable and durable LO2LN2LAr Industrial Gas Storage Tanks from our factory. Trust us for high-quality products and efficient storage solutions.


Discover the quality and craftsmanship of MEGC products, direct from our factory. Explore our range of expertly made goods for a lasting impression.

CNG storage cascade

Introducing our CNG Storage Cascade - the perfect solution for safe and efficient natural gas storage. Proudly manufactured in our factory.

LNG Storage Tank

Get reliable LNG storage tanks from our factory. Our tanks are built to high industry standards for safe and efficient storage of liquefied natural gas.

Hydrogen Tube Skid

Discover our high-quality hydrogen tube skid at our factory. We offer durable and efficient solutions for all your industrial needs." #hydrogentubeskid #factory #industrialequipment

LNG Storage Tank

Get top-quality LNG storage tanks from our factory. We offer durable and reliable products to meet your storage needs. Contact us today!


Looking for high-quality {MEGC} products? Look no further! We are a factory committed to providing top-notch products at competitive prices.

Industrial Gas Storage Cascade

Discover our top-quality Industrial Gas Storage Cascade at our factory. With high storage capacity and durability, our product is perfect for industrial use.

Industrial Gas Container

Get high-quality industrial gas containers from our factory. We specialize in producing durable and reliable containers for various industrial gases.

Y-ton cylinder

Get reliable Y-ton cylinder products from our factory. We are the leading supplier in the industry, providing high-quality and durable options.

LPG & Chemical Materials Semi-Trailer

LPG & Chemical Materials Semi-Trailer - High quality, durable and customizable trailers for transporting LPG and chemical materials. Buy direct from the factory.

  • High-Quality Auxiliary Tank Manufacturer in China
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Introducing our latest innovation in automotive technology - the Auxiliary Tank! Designed to give you extended fuel capacity for those long road trips and off-road adventures, our auxiliary tank is the perfect solution for any vehicle needing extra fuel capacity. With its durable construction and secure mounting system, you can trust that your fuel will stay safe and accessible no matter where your journey takes you. Our auxiliary tank is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing fuel system, allowing for easy refueling and maximizing your vehicle's range. Whether you're hitting the open highway or exploring remote trails, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the extra fuel you need to keep going. Not only does our auxiliary tank provide added convenience and security, but it also offers a sleek and low-profile design that won't compromise your vehicle's aesthetics. With various sizes and configurations available, you can choose the perfect auxiliary tank to fit your specific vehicle and fuel capacity needs. Say goodbye to fuel anxiety and hello to endless adventure with our Auxiliary Tank. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the freedom and flexibility that comes with extended fuel capacity. Don't let your next adventure be limited by fuel stops - invest in the Auxiliary Tank and take your travels to the next level.

I recently purchased an auxiliary tank for my truck and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The added fuel capacity has given me the peace of mind to take on longer journeys without constantly worrying about running out of gas. The installation process was surprisingly easy and the tank is made of durable materials that have held up well to rough off-road driving. The extra range has been a game-changer for my outdoor adventures and I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to increase their vehicle's fuel capacity. It's a great investment for any avid traveler or outdoor enthusiast.

I recently purchased an auxiliary tank for my truck and I couldn't be happier with the results. The tank has a large capacity, allowing me to carry extra fuel for long road trips or off-road adventures. The installation was straightforward and the tank is durable and well-made. The design integrates seamlessly with my truck, and the secure locking mechanism gives me peace of mind while traveling. The auxiliary tank has definitely increased my range and made my travels more convenient. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to extend their fuel capacity for their vehicle. Overall, a great investment for any avid traveler or outdoor enthusiast.

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